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You Have Ariba on S/4HANA. That’s Exactly Why Your Business Needs gicom 

Complementary SAP S/4HANA Features: Ariba vs. gicom 


Back in 2012, when SAP acquired Ariba and integrated its procurement solutions into its portfolio, providing businesses with enhanced procurement capabilities as part of the SAP ecosystem, the retail world was still in the initial stages of digital transformation. No doubt, this robust procurement platform and suite of features and tools empowered businesses to make informed decisions and streamline procurement operations. However, the digital world has evolved tremendously over the past 10 years, allowing for new opportunities for retailers and vendors to maximize profitability — particularly in settlement management and agreement management.  


In today’s fast-paced, digital-first business landscape, efficient procurement processes are essential for maintaining a competitive edge, particularly with SAP’s some 20,000 subscribers. 

That’s why we wanted to break down the two key procurement solutions players for the retail industry, Ariba and gicom, to reveal how the complementary features stack up and work together to improve retail margins for modern enterprises. 


A Closer Look at Ariba 


Ariba is a procurement solution that provides organizations with a suite of tools to manage their procurement processes efficiently. Its core features include supplier management, procurement, contract management and spend analysis. Ariba’s strengths lie in its ability to connect buyers and suppliers on a single platform, making procurement more transparent and collaborative. It also offers advanced analytics to help organizations make data-driven decisions. 


Ariba’s procurement features include e-sourcing, e-procurement, and supply chain collaboration. E-sourcing enables organizations to source suppliers and negotiate contracts online, reducing the time and effort required for traditional procurement processes. E-procurement streamlines the purchasing process, making it easy for employees to requisition goods and services while staying within compliance. Supply chain collaboration allows organizations to work closely with suppliers, improving supply chain visibility and resilience. The big takeaway is that Ariba doesn’t do real-time calculations and price comparisons inside of vendor offers, and they cannot track the conditions of contracts or agreements. 


Unpacking gicom’s Offerings 


gicom is a specialized procurement solution provider that focuses on agreement negotiations and agreement settlement. While Ariba offers a broad spectrum of procurement functionalities, gicom’s important specialty lies in optimizing the negotiation and settlement phases of procurement. These solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of these critical processes. 


gicom’s unique features include advanced negotiation tools, agreement lifecycle management, and contract compliance monitoring. These features allow organizations to negotiate agreements more effectively, manage agreements throughout their lifecycle and ensure compliance with negotiated terms. By specializing in these areas, gicom offers a depth of expertise that enhances and complements Ariba’s broader procurement capabilities.  


SAP S/4HANA as the Integration Hub 


The integration of both Ariba and gicom within the SAP S/4HANA platform offers retailers and vendors a strategic advantage. SAP S/4HANA serves as the central hub that connects various business processes, including procurement, finance, and supply chain management. By integrating both Ariba and gicom into SAP S/4HANA, organizations can achieve a seamless flow of information and data across these functions. 


This integration allows for real-time visibility into procurement processes, enabling organizations to make informed decisions quickly. It also streamlines data management, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring data consistency across the organization. With SAP S/4HANA, procurement becomes a tightly integrated part of the overall business operations. 


Complementary SAP S/4HANA Features: Ariba vs. gicom 


Let’s take a closer look at the complementary features of Ariba and gicom: 

  • Ariba’s Strengths: Ariba’s feature set helps with supplier management, e-procurement, and supply chain collaboration. It’s particularly well-suited for organizations that require a comprehensive procurement platform to manage their entire procurement lifecycle. 


  • gicom’s Specialization: gicom’s specialization in agreement negotiations and contract settlement is where it shines. Its advanced negotiation tools and contract compliance features are invaluable for organizations that deal with complex agreements and contracts regularly. 


When integrated within SAP S/4HANA, Ariba and gicom work together seamlessly. Ariba handles the procurement process from supplier selection to purchase, while gicom steps in to optimize the agreement lifecycle phases. This synergy ensures that organizations get the best of both worlds: comprehensive procurement management and enhanced agreement management. 


Agreement Negotiations in gicom 


gicom’s agreement negotiations feature offers a range of tools and capabilities that empower organizations to negotiate agreements more efficiently: 

  • Advanced Analytics: gicom provides access to advanced analytics that help organizations analyze supplier performance, market trends and negotiation strategies. This data-driven approach leads to more informed agreements. 
  • Real-time Collaboration: gicom facilitates real-time collaboration between stakeholders involved in negotiations. This collaborative environment promotes transparency and accelerates the negotiation process. 
  • Document Management: gicom’s document management capabilities simplify the exchange and tracking of negotiation documents, reducing administrative burdens. 


Contract Settlement with gicom in SAP S/4HANA 


Contract settlement is a critical aspect of procurement that gicom addresses effectively: 

  • Agreement Lifecycle Management: gicom’s agreement lifecycle management tools ensure that contracts are managed throughout their entire lifecycle. This includes monitoring key milestones, renewals, and compliance with negotiated terms. 
  • Compliance Monitoring: gicom enables organizations to monitor contract compliance in real time. This reduces the risk of non-compliance and related financial penalties. 
  • Integration with SAP S/4HANA: gicom seamlessly integrates with SAP S/4HANA, ensuring that contract settlement data is accessible to other parts of the organization, such as finance and compliance teams. 


The Synergy of Ariba and gicom in SAP S/4HANA 


Ariba and gicom’s synergized collaboration ensures that procurement processes are efficient, transparent, and fully compliant with negotiated terms. 

By leveraging this synergy, organizations can achieve: 

  • Faster procurement cycles 
  • Improved supplier relationships 
  • Enhanced contract management and compliance 
  • Cost savings and improved profit margins through optimized agreement management processes 

At gicom, our innovative features ensure that organizations can streamline their procurement processes, achieve cost savings, and maintain compliance with agreed terms. By harnessing our complementary features, enterprises can embark on a journey toward procurement excellence, setting themselves apart in a competitive marketplace. 


Want to find out more about how gicom’s integration with SAP S/4HANA can boost your bottom line? 


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