May 2023

5 Tips on How Retail Can Combat Inflation and Protect Margins

There’s no doubt that retailers have dealt with compounding pressures on their margins in recent years. Between the pandemic, changing […]
Mar 2023

Optimizing the Tuckman Model of Collaboration With gicom

Collaboration is key to business, especially in today’s global economy. But no matter how complex global collaboration becomes, there are […]
Mar 2023

Continuous Integration with ABAP and SAPUI5?

Introduction to Continuous Integration Having up-to-date software and technology is critical for businesses that want consistent and continuous growth. The […]
Feb 2023

A Look Back at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show

Last month, the gicom team flew to New York City to present out technology at NRF 2023 Retail’s Big Show […]
Jan 2023

gicom AG Appoints Dirk Eberle as a Member of the Executive Board

Eberle’s appointment, a stepping stone for future growth, comes after gicom increases its international customer base and its growing partnership […]
Jan 2023

Lessons Learned From 2022 To Prepare Retail and Consumer Goods for a Prosperous 2023

As we enter a new year, business leaders often find themselves reviewing the lessons of the previous year and planning […]
Jan 2023

Lessons Learned From Retail’s Biggest Season – And What They Mean for the New Year

From the moment the first Black Friday discount is advertised until the final, unwanted holiday gift is returned, retailers are […]
Oct 2022

How Collaboration Turns Everyone Into An Expert

Let’s face it, no one is an expert in every aspect of retail. This harsh reality is based on the […]
Sep 2022

Making the Most of Holiday Promotions via Efficient Agreement Lifecycle Management

The holiday season is the most important time for retailers, but this year’s industry complications are predicted to dampen the […]
Aug 2022

Stop Wasting Your Paper and Your Profits – How gicom Helps Retailers and CPGs Reduce Their Carbon Footprint and Boost Profitability

Did you know that a business’s carbon footprint is about more than just recycling initiatives and reducing air travel? In […]
Jul 2022

Show Me The Money: The Top 5 Settlement Management Issues and How Companies Can Avoid Them

Brands, retailers and consumers alike have spent the last two and a half years trying to predict and prepare for […]
Jul 2022

Webinar Recap: Manage and Control Your Vendor Funds

With rising prices caused by supply chain shortages and political unrest, maintaining profitable margins has become an increasingly difficult challenge. […]