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"Decisions are only as good as the data on which you base them."

Negotiating complex agreements requires a precise understanding of all components and players. Traditionally, business leaders have relied on instinct, experience and detailed Excel spreadsheets to strengthen their position. But is that enough to survive in an increasingly competitive environment?

Imagine having all of the information you need to conduct strategic negotiations at your fingertips, and in real time. Then, you could always be one move ahead.

Our Solution:

Agreement Negotiation Workbench

gicom’s Agreement Negotiation Workbench solution organizes historical data from previous agreement information in one place, making it easy for negotiators to quickly access everything they need and strengthen their businesses’ position.

The Agreement Negotiation Workbench provides a complete overview of historical and current key figures, allowing negotiators to test scenarios and run simulations to ensure they’re prepared for any unexpected events.

With the Agreement Negotiation Workbench, all results and documentation are digitally recorded, securing the agreement details for further processing and follow-up discussions.

Agreement Negotiation Workbench offers the possibility to achieve an optimal negotiation result. All agreements reached are digitized in the system and made available for automated further processing in Agreement Documentation.


By using the Agreement Negotiation Workbench, gicom customers experience an increase in margins and improved profitability.

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  • Designed to store all agreements in one place
  • Optimized for best practices throughout the entire negotiation process
  • Maximized for flexibility and security
  • Tailored to meet negotiators’ business requirements
  • Available on all devices
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  • Increases margins and profitability
  • Improves negotiating positions
  • Offers full transparency into conditions and negotiations
  • Provides an overview of all agreements

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