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"More than just managing agreements and deadlines electronically."

Modern contract management is the basis for successful agreement management.

Signed contracts document your successfully completed agreements, but agreement management involves so much more. Our platform supports you in presenting current claims in real time, preparing plans and strategies, establishing integrated billing processes and creating meaningful analyses.

Free your data from complex spreadsheets and make it work for you – not the other way around!

Our solution:

Agreement Documentation

With the Agreement Documentation module, all contracts, agreements and arrangements from negotiations between retailers, suppliers and customers are digitized and documented in one system.

All negotiation and contract content including prices, billing terms, immediate and subsequent conditions, advertising allowances and other agreements are maintained in a simple, intuitive SAP UI5 user interface.

gicom solutions are built to do it all – they support, automate and digitize the entire agreement lifecycle. The Agreement Documentation module enables automatic generation of contract documents, automatic transfer of conditions to SAP S/4HANA®, audit-ready corrections and more.

The goal of Agreement Documentation is to speed up the documentation and management of all contracts in one system. As a result, this solution creates transparency and auditability while avoiding redundant maintenance and inconsistencies.

Agreement Documentation creates a digital, single point of truth and establishes a comprehensive basis for monitoring and tracking all contract data.

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  • Organizes all agreements in one system
  • Provides best practices for the entire agreement process
  • Maps all agreements in your existing SAP system
  • Offers maximum flexibility and security
  • Precisely tailored to your requirements
  • Available on all devices
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  • Increase your margins and profitability
  • Strengthen your negotiating position
  • Achieve full transparency on conditions and negotiations
  • Rely on one solution for the entire organization
  • Experience intuitive and easy handling of agreements
  • Improve efficiency through automated creation of agreements

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