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Unveiling the Future of Retail: Exploring the Rise of Smart Stores

In our podcast episode of March 2024, we delve into the world of retail with a focus on the transformative concept of “Smart Stores.” Host Stefan Hilger is joined by special guest Prof. Dr. Stephan Rüschen, Professor for Retail Management and Program Director at the Dual University of Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) in Heilbronn. Together, they explore what customers truly desire and the path retailers must take to meet these demands.

Key Topics Covered:

• Defining the essence of a “Smart Store”
• Technologies propelling Smart Stores: Grab & Go, Self-Scanning, Robotics, and beyond.
• Benefits for both consumers and retailers
• Evolution of Smart Store implementation and its impact on the retail landscape
• Integration of AI in retail and Smart Stores
• Strategies for navigating future challenges in the retail sector

Why You Should Tune In:

Discover firsthand how Smart Stores are reshaping the shopping experience, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. Gain insights into the cutting-edge technologies driving retail into the future, from convenient self-scanning to revolutionary robotics. Explore the dynamic evolution of Smart Store technologies and what the future holds in store for both customers and retailers.


Ready to explore the future of retail? Listen to the full episode here: ‎Retail Stories on Apple Podcasts