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Feb 2024

Embracing Sustainability in Retail: Navigating a Greener Path through Seamless Agreement Management

Introduction: Understanding the importance of sustainable retail practices Sustainable retail practices are gaining momentum in today’s business world. With the […]
Jan 2024

Navigating the Future: Highlights from NRF’s Big Show 2024

The NRF Big Show 2024 was a landmark event that provided a comprehensive view of the future of retail. Industry […]
Jan 2024

On the rise: the new trends in retail in 2024   

2024 will bring some exciting trends in retail. The latest EHI study shows that artificial intelligence, for example, will continue […]
Jan 2024

gicom AG Restructures Executive Board: Focus on Generational Change

gicom is aligning its focus on the future and expanding its international customer base.   OVERATH – January 9, 2024 […]