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"Turning complexity into simplicity."

The settlement processes for all agreements – including brokerage payments and central settlement transactions – complex and time-consuming. Invoices and payments must be processed quickly and efficiently. It is also critical that invoices, commissions and bonuses are presented correctly and verifiably.

Do you use manual processes for invoices and other key business transactions? Imagine managing these complex processes automatically at the touch of a button. And better yet – imagine the solution was fully integrated into your merchandise management system for even easier access.

Our solution:

Real-Time Margin

Condition management doesn’t stop at the negotiation phase. A successful settlement must consider and finalize all contract components including bonuses, WKZs, scale levels, discounts and more. By automating these processes, you can ensure each component is managed correctly.


Automated settlement not only speeds up the process, but also ensures that no condition is overlooked or forgotten. With gicom tools in place, settlement is always efficient, correct and complete.

With the calculations conducted by the Real-Time Margin solution, each claim is determined immediately after the goods management posting. This improves transparency across all claims, whether they are in progress or settled, forming the basis for subsequent settlement in SAP S/4HANA® Settlement Management.

An integrated reporting strategy enables advanced monitoring of claims, which can alert negotiators to deviations. To improve your reporting capabilities, gicom supports automated accrual and settlement, entry of credits against internally determined figures, and reconciliation of differences or request for credits.

gicom saves you time so you can get back to what matters – optimizing your agreements and improving your margins.

Your Benefits

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  • Sales data used for the calculation of conditions can be flexibly defined
  • High condition flexibility
  • Settlement via SAP LO-AB including collective invoice
  • All relevant data saved in one place to streamline subsequent analyses and simulations
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
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  • Increased transparency regarding the development of sales and condition income
  • Automated processes save time and minimize the susceptibility to errors
  • Seamless connections between gicom and SAP across the negotiation management and condition accounting processes

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