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"Know what is - and what will happen."

Business leaders are often tasked with making major decisions based on aggregated figures. Unfortunately, these numbers only represent a segment of the bigger picture. Think of it as an abstract summary that leaves out the complex context clues that are imperative to the story.

What if these decisions could be made based on real-time data from the enterprise resource planning system? What if the status of all pending agreements could be considered in other business decisions? And what if the outcomes of every decision were outlined for you, before the decision was finalized?

Our solution:

Real-Time Margin

With real-time cost calculators, all completed and ongoing business transactions are broken down into revenue, expense, and cost components and determines corresponding margins.

Plan calculations, projections and simulations across all organizational levels, departments and item dimensions.

Gain access to key figures that impact decisioning in real time, such as margins and condition revenues, through a central dashboard.

Unlock the process of comparing and choosing between suppliers, customers, assortments and more.

Continuously updated comparison data will improve transparency across your business.

Icon Highlights


  • Consistent margin calculation
  • Key figures in real time
  • Simulation of complex calculation schemes
Icon Benefits


  • Increase your margins and profitability
  • Improve the decision basis for managers
  • Work from one central dashboard for the whole company

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