Gicom Cloud Based Technology

Greater Flexibility for your Business using Cloud-Based Technology

The retail industry moves very fast thanks to everchanging variables ranging from supply chain disruptions to changing customer preferences. Retailers must have quick access to every aspect of their business to ensure they have the flexibility needed to thrive in today’s retail landscape.

Luckily for retailers and CPG brands, the cloud offers a comprehensive solution for storing all important information including financials, business plans and more. In fact, .

To support this trend, gicom has integrated with SAP to create a Private Cloud Edition of its SAP S/4HANA® for agreement profitability and negotiation by gicom solution that is available on RISE WITH SAP. The cloud-based option provides users up-to-date access to all negotiation details including margin calculations, terms, agreements, contracts, and other important documents.

Let’s dig into the benefits of cloud-based technology to learn why gicom customers are excited about this new solution.

The Benefits of Cloud Solutions

The main benefit of a cloud-based solution is easy access for both parties to all agreements and conditions – in any negotiation. Cloud-based solutions are always in sync, unlike solutions that require users to download information to view, creating version confusion for documents shared across multiple users. For gicom’s solution, ease of access ensures improved responsiveness by allowing you to view up-to-date documentation and incorporating real-time information with a hassle-free and secure platform availability.

In addition to convenient file sharing options, cloud storage is flexible and scalable. Unlike on-premise solutions and hard drives, cloud-based solutions are easy to relocate and expand. Users simply have to upgrade their service plan according to their needs and their volume of agreements, without having to move any existing files to the newly expanded environment. Cloud-based solutions are also great for disaster recovery because data is saved on an external location, protecting users from a server collapse or any other data issue.

What Makes gicom’s Private Cloud Edition Unique

While the benefits of gicom’s Private Cloud Edition are far-reaching, they all serve to optimize the agreement lifecycle process by removing manual processes and improving cost-efficiency. These additional benefits include:

  • Easy access to the scale of fees, chargebacks, vendor funds and financial values, such as profits, margins, and accruals
  • Real-time optimization, simulations, and what-if scenarios, as well as real-time margin calculation that can improve negotiation positions and discover cost-saving alternatives
  • Continued transparency into margin impact, terms, agreements and claims to simplify renegotiations down the line

gicom’s Integration With RISE with SAP

Today customers can utilize the time- and cost-saving solution via the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, a core component of the RISE with SAP offering. Now, with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud integration, gicom can provide a series of additional strategic, technical, and operational opportunities that improve the efficiency of collaboration and innovation. RISE with SAP customers can also track corporate initiatives like sustainability with company-wide transparency and controls.

Despite 48% of all businesses storing their classified data on the cloud, security is still a common concern for potential cloud-users. Through RISE with SAP users can protect the data they store on the cloud with SAP’s embedded cybersecurity and automated data protection.

With these benefits in their arsenal, retailers and CPG brands can optimize their business by finding cost- and time-saving opportunities within their negotiations and existing business practices.

The Next Step Towards Cloud-Based Technology

Are you interested in learning more about the private cloud edition of SAP S/4HANA® for Agreement Profitability and Negotiation by gicom or RISE with SAP?