Podcast Episode 3 Retail Stories

Retail Stories – New Podcast Episode dives deep into Promotions for Retail

gicom just released it´s latest episode of “Retail Stories”: “Navigating the Dynamics and Success of Promotions: Strategies for Profit in Today’s Retail Landscape

In this episode we tackle the nitty-gritty of promotions in retail and how to make the most of vendor funds during price wars. Stefan Hilger hosts a practical discussion with Bruce Sholes, Global Solutions Director at SAP. Together, they break down strategies and approaches that can help retailers effectively use promotions, especially when facing tough pricing competition.

Throughout this episode, you’ll get a thorough look at how to get promotions right in the retail world. Stefan and Bruce leave no stone unturned as they explore the ins and outs of leveraging vendor funds.

This is not your run-of-the-mill conversation; it’s a deep dive into strategies that can reshape the retail landscape. You’ll learn how to harness vendor funds to fine-tune your retail strategies, boost your profit margins, and navigate the complex modern retail environment. Each insight and takeaway shared here is a potential game-changer for your approach to promotions and vendor fund management.


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