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SAP and gicom Revolutionize Agreement Collaboration

Collaboration is an essential aspect of success for consumer industries, particularly for retailers, and SAP and gicom have always been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to enhance collaboration efforts. As part of their commitment to enabling seamless collaboration, SAP has partnered with gicom, a leading provider of agreement management solutions. gicom is currently developing an extension to their product portfolio that revolutionizes agreement collaboration. This platform will enable retailers and their suppliers, such as consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, to have real-time visibility of their contracts and agreements, fostering enhanced collaboration and streamlined processes. Let’s delve into the exciting functionalities and future roadmap of this collaboration solution.

Real-Time Visibility of Contracts

gicom’s extension to SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) introduces an innovative cloud-based solution for viewing and searching contracts. Retailers and CPG customers can access and manage their contracts and agreements effortlessly within the cloud environment. This real-time visibility eliminates the need for cumbersome manual processes, enabling stakeholders to access critical contract information with ease.

Enhanced Approval Processes

The gicom extension goes beyond previous approvals in proprietary systems by offering additional external approval capabilities for business partners. This feature streamlines the approval process, ensuring timely and efficient contract validation. By incorporating external stakeholders into the approval workflow, retailers, and CPG companies can collaborate seamlessly, reducing delays and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Future Enhancements

gicom’s collaboration platform is just the beginning of an exciting journey. The roadmap for this product includes several valuable enhancements to further optimize agreement collaboration:

Document Support

Soon, the platform will allow users to view and download contract-related documents. This functionality ensures that all relevant documentation is easily accessible, simplifying the information retrieval process and reducing reliance on physical documents.

Annotate and Collaborate on Documents

Expanding beyond contracts, the platform will facilitate annotation and collaboration on various document types. This functionality enables stakeholders to work together on legal agreements, product specifications, marketing materials, and other critical documents. Real-time collaboration and agreement management enhance efficiency, accuracy, and version control.

Digital Signatures

The upcoming addition of digital signatures will streamline the contract approval process further. Retailers and CPG companies can securely sign contracts electronically, eliminating the need for physical signatures and associated logistical challenges. This feature not only expedites the contract execution process but also enhances security and compliance.

Tracking and Reporting of Relevant KPIs

The roadmap also includes the incorporation of key performance indicators (KPIs) related to agreement collaboration. Stakeholders can track and report on metrics such as contract cycle time, approval bottlenecks, and collaboration effectiveness. These insights enable data-driven decision-making, process optimization, and continuous improvement.

gicom brings forth an exciting collaboration solution that revolutionizes agreement collaboration for retailers and CPG companies. By leveraging SAP’s and gicom’s innovative extension, businesses can enjoy real-time visibility of contracts, enhanced approval processes, and seamless collaboration in a cloud environment. The future roadmap promises additional functionalities such as document support, digital signatures, and tracking of relevant KPIs. Through this collaboration, retailers and their suppliers can streamline their agreement and contract management processes, improve efficiency, and foster stronger partnerships.


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